Services Mediation

See more possibilities. Make clearer choices. Accelerate change.


No agreement is perfect.

Even when agreements have dispute resolution clauses, the process can take months and cost millions of dollars. It can undermine trust between parties and make stakeholders suspicious. With openness, humor, and an economist’s insight, I can neutrally help you and your counterparts to see more possibilities, clarify your options, and accelerate agreements.

Independent Evaluation

“Will this work? Is it working? Is it better than nothing? What’s the evidence?”

Taxpayers, shareholders, legislators and donors ask these blunt questions about development interventions, whether they’re funded by official assistance, corporate social responsibility programs, or charitable foundations.

I can provide a methodical, arm’s-length assessment of a project, program, or policy in terms of its results and lessons for the future.

Program Development

Context matters. Citizens and shareholders hold government officials and corporate managers accountable for outcomes, so it makes sense to reduce uncertainty about the future. Knowing the political and economic context, incentives facing stakeholders, and relevant international norms and expectations: these are critical to decision-making and action processes that preserve fairness without sacrificing opportunities.

With strong analysis, knowledge of international experience, and broad consultation, I can distinguish the relevant objectives and constraints, and propose viable program options.

Professional Coaching

Everyone has cognitive biases of which they are unaware.

We all think we know our own minds, until we deal with others whose minds are not the same as ours. This can lead us to miss opportunities to create value. It can frustrate cooperation or lead to damaging and wasteful conflict. With professional training and detachment, I can help professionals understand how others assess their actions, statements, and interests – and how these can inform their strategies.