Shawn Ladd

After over two decades of providing economic development policy advice to governments in Canada, the Caribbean and Africa, I noticed that much of my work was helping one party understand another party, and helping both of them to better understand the economic realities of their situation. Over the years, I learned what was likely to work, and what wouldn’t, and how and when mediation could be successful.

Whether it was a manufacturer seeking government concessions to make a direct investment; a community coping with the impact of a trade sanction or the collapse of a resource; or a natural resource firm trying to deal with the officials of a fragile and conflict-afflicted host state, ultimately I was getting the parties to agree on a sustainable deal that we could all feel good about.

So I got formally certified in evaluating policy interventions and mediating disputes, and joined the American Bar Association and Association for Conflict Resolution. I’m also an Accomplishment Coaching Affiliated Coach, who can work with negotiators and stakeholders to get beyond the entrenched beliefs that limit the possibilities they can consider.

My expertise includes economic, fiscal and financial sector policy; budget planning and strategy; economic development and adjustment; state-investor relations and international economic affairs; extractive industries and sovereign wealth management; debt sustainability and debt relief initiatives; strategic communications and public consultation.

If you’d like more details on my background, please contact me for a CV.